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Gus & The Multiple Personality Disorder Chapter 10

Title: Gus and the Multiple Personality Disorder

Disclaimer: I do not own Psych. I make no profit from this story.

A/N: I don’t really know anything about psychiatry. My description of Gus’ condition may not be scientific at all. This is just a fanfiction, not to be taken seriously.

Chapter 10

"Well?" asked Dr Moore. "Why did you stop? What happened after that?"

Shawn jerked from his faraway thoughts at her voice. "Um... yeah, then Mr. Guster... told us that some games were okay to play, and some were not." He felt like he could hear Gus's father now, the old memory of the man talking in a calm, firm voice, as both the little boys stood with their heads hung. "Then he told me to go home."

"When did you meet Gus again? How did he act?" the psychologist prodded.

"Two days later." said Shawn, scratching his chin. "He was a little...stiff, I guess. I asked him if his dad had said anything more to him after I left, but he did not want to talk about it."

", the dynamics between the two of you change in any way after this?"

"No! Well, not between us, but things changed a little, because Mr. G said that we spent too much time playing just by ourselves, and he and my dad got us playing basketball with a group of kids. They also made us go to scout camp."

"Why do you think that is, Shawn?"

"I don't know!" Shawn snapped, "Maybe they wanted us to become more 'manly' and un-original! Anyway, is not that your job, to think up the answers?"

The psychologist stared at Shawn for a few seconds, then said, "Okay, here's what I think, Mr. Spencer. You and your friend Gus shared a deep pre-adolescent attraction---"

"That's so dumb, there never was anything like that---" Shawn yelled heatedly.

Dr Moore raised a hand to stop him, "At least there was on Mr. Guster's side. Maybe he had acknowledged the attraction more than you did. But then after the confrontation with his father, he probably decided to repress those feelings."

"This is all con--um--conjuctichure---"


"I have heard it both ways. Its all guesswork." Shawn doggedly said. "And why would he do that anyway, if he did feel that way, why would he hide it?"

"Shawn, you told me about your detective work, your partnership with Gus. You said, Gus was reluctant to go along with you most of the times. Can you elaborate on that?"

"Oh, he wants to come along, he wants all the adventure we used to dream of as kids. Gus just has a lot of hang-ups you know, like how Psych stuff is messing up the order in his life, how I am how he has to concentrate on his boring-ass job 'cause its what pays the bill, how skydiving is bad for his heart, hanging from ledges gives him carpal tunnel..... But once I get him into a case, he loves the thrill, the fun. He wants me to convince him."

"So Mr. Guster likes the thrill, he loves what he can find when not playing safe, but he is also the sort of man who wants order in his life. He has got a lot rules for himself. He is afraid of change, chaos."

Shawn nodded, not finding any fault with this speech. "He is a contrary bastard."

"So Gus has two different sides to his personality. He wants what he wants, but he is afraid to go for it because of the side that hates disorder. If he feels something that is not okay, not allowed in his rulebook, he tries to repress it."

"Okay, I get what you are saying." Shawn said to her, "You think Gus has been going against his own feelings; keeping all that stuff he has kept in is splitting him apart; those two sides are making him two different persons!"

"That is a way to put it. The dissociative personality disorder is a form of psychosis. The root of it is deep in his psych, and it has come out because of mental and physical stress."

"But why? Why would it make him do the things that he did?"

"Gus, your friend is concerned with his lifelong values, his social image, what his family expects from him. But Burt, his alter ego does not have those concerns."

Shawn was silent for a long time. Then he looked up and asked, "Will he be alright again? You can fix him, right?"

Dr Moore sighed. "That is the hard part. DID is a very rare mental disorder, so we do not have sufficient data, research, survey, or a general consensus on treatment method. Each case is different. In Mr. Guster's case, I think the most important part is, acknowledgement. He must recognize his own feelings, and acknowledge this repressive tendency of his; then realize that he does not have to become a whole different person to have what he wants."

Shawn stared at her silently. Acknowledgement? How would he tell Gus what had happened?

"It will take time, of course." Dr Moore continued. "He'd have to go into psychotherapy for quite some time."

"How would I get him to do that?" croaked Shawn. "He would ask why, and----"

"I understand how you feel," the doctor said kindly, "I think it be best if Gus hears everything from a trained professional. What you have to do is, bring him here; tell him you are worried about his stress problem and want to see someone."

"Okay, okay...." Shawn breathed. He was not sure he could do it. But he must, for Gus' sake....

"Shawn? It needs to be as soon as possible. We don't want Gus to have another attack. He might do anything in that state. You understand that, right?"

"Yes....," Shawn muttered. "Yes, I'll bring him here."

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